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B.A., CPA, C.Arb., C.Med.
• Bachelor of Arts – University of Saskatchewan
• Post Diploma in Dispute Resolution – Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Arts and Science
• Justice Mediation/Facilitator Training – RAMP, Regina, Saskatchewan
• Facilitation – ICA Associates, Toronto, Ontario
• Certified Appraiser Diploma – Certified Personal Property Appraisers Group, London, Ontario
• Certified Appraiser Certificate – Canadian Association of Personal Property Appraisers, Halifax, Nova Scotia
• Diploma Auctioneering – Western College of Auctioneering, Billings, Montana
• General Motors Corporation, Ford Motor Company, Toyota Motor Corporation and Chrysler Corporation Training
ADR Institute of Canada (Alternate Dispute Resolution)
ADR Institute of Saskatchewan Conflict Resolution Saskatchewan
Regina Alternative Measures Program
Conflict Resolution Network Canada
Certified Personal Property Guild of Canada
Canadian Association of Personal Property Appraisers
Antique Automobile Club of America
Vehicle Arbitration
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If you do not agree with the value that SGI or any other insurance company has placed on your vehicle, heavy truck, trailer, snow machine, boat, farm implement etc. as a result of damage or theft you are entitled to have an arbitration conducted to determine a fair market value. This is the law under The Insurance Act of Saskatchewan and the Automobile Accident Insurance Act of Saskatchewan. This process takes less than two weeks to complete from its initiation to completion. There are two types of arbitration that can be conducted:

     • Total Loss Claims where the vehicle has been stolen or damaged and written off. An arbitration can be conducted to
        determine fair market value based on the value of your vehicle, not an example, and on market conditions in the community
        in which you live. Not in other areas of the country!

     • Adequacy of repair (other related damage as result of an accident or theft i.e. motor, transmission, front end etc.). If you are
        dissatisfied with the adequacy of the repair to your vehicle either prior or after the repair you are entitled to have an
        arbitration conducted. This is the law under The Automobile Accident Insurance Act of Saskatchewan.

We have acted as independent appraisers on behalf of people in thousands of insurance arbitrations over the past thirty years. We have successfully helped 99.9% of our clients!
Vehicle Appraisals
Foster Monson is a Certified Appraiser having taken extensive courses of study and examination in the field of personal property appraisal. He is an Accredited Appraiser and member in good standing with the Canadian Association of Personal Property Appraisers Group and the Canadian Personal Property Appraisers Association. He is an expert in the area of automobiles and the automotive industry, having spent 40 years as a sales manager, automobile dealer, body shop owner and motor vehicle appraiser. He has conducted thousands of vehicle appraisals for the purpose of insurance arbitration, stated value insurance on antique and special interest vehicles, resale, matrimonial and other types.

Foster Monson and Associates provides Actual Cash Valuations on every type of motor vehicle including Antiques, Specialty Vehicles, Classic Cars, New and Everyday Used Vehicles, Heavy Trucks and Equipment, Boats, Motorcycles, Snowmobiles, Trailers, Recreational Vehicles and Motor Homes. Our services include physical damage appraisals and lease end condition reports.
• Stated Value Insurance: Most insurance companies including SGI and the Cooperators will cover your car with comprehensive
   and collision coverage. However, many will inform you that your vehicle will only be covered for the actual cash value or book
   value at the time of loss. To protect your vehicle it is wise to have a professional appraisal completed, and purchase stated value
   insurance. This insurance will be to the value of the amount the vehicle is appraised. Our appraisals are accepted nation wide.
   Important: Did you know that during restoration in your garage your vehicle is not covered for fire / theft under your
   homeowner’s policy? You require an automobile policy to protect your vehicle. We can provide you with an appraisal during

• Selling an Antique or Collector Vehicle: An appraisal can be of great assistance when selling a collector vehicle. It eliminates to a
   large extent the negotiating because the vehicles value has been established by an appraisal. In addition a professional appraisal
   will allow you to borrow money from a financial institution. Most banks will allow you to borrow up to 75% of the appraised value.

• Security: The value of your vehicle will allow you to increase your net worth.

• Donation / Gift: Revenue Canada requires an appraisal for any gift to a charity, museum etc. The appraiser must complete the
   required forms before you can take a tax deduction for your donation.

• Estate: Your vehicle is part of your estate. An appraisal will be of assistance to your family in settling your affairs.

• Matrimonial Disputes: A professional appraisal will assist in a mediated settlement of the family assets.

• Purchasing a Collector Vehicle: A prior to purchase appraisal can be of assistance in preventing paying too much for a vehicle. It
   can help in ensuring that the vehicle has not been in an accident and the numbers match what is being sold.

• Claim Settlement: If you are having difficulty coming to an agreement with your insurance company as to the value of your
   vehicle after a loss, an appraisal will be able to settle the issue.
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